Paula Gardiner
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Paula Gardiner
07496 381 480
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How do I pay for my classes?
Classes are paid for monthly in advance on the 1st of the month via a recurring card payment. A pro-rated payment is taken when you first join.
What are the different membership options available?
You choose the membership that suits you - 3 or 12 months. The program is a rolling contract and renews on the same for the same length of time, which you can alter or cancel with 10 days notice prior to it ending. You must pay for the full length of the term. However, we understand sometimes circumstances change, so you do have the option to pay an early cancellation fee.
What happens if I can’t do classes on a weekly basis?
Don’t worry it is flexible as you get a monthly allowance of classes to use during the month as suits you.
Can I cancel a contract early?
Yes, we understand that sometimes circumstances change. So if you wish to cancel early you can pay a one-off early cancellation fee of £35 for one class a week, or £50 for 2 or more classes a week. This cancellation fee will enable the contract to be terminated early, at the end of the month following your last membership payment. This terminates the contract and your obligation to pay any future payments.
Are there any other options and can I just pay for individual classes?
If you enjoyed the classes but you’re not quite ready and would like to try a few more classes, we offer a Starter Pass or Class Pass. Please ask reception for details. Membership options are much better value. From our experience it is those customers who come to regular classes that progress towards their goals and get the most benefits from the classes.
Can I do any class I want within the week or month?
Yes, and you can swap classes to suit (subject to availability). You will be able to do this via our online booking system (Go Team Up). There is an 8 hour cancellation notice policy for classes so if you cancel within that time, you will receive a credit to book into an alternative class for that month.
What if I am away or I can’t make a class?
Don’t worry, classes are flexible if you are going on holiday or can’t make a class that week. You can request extra classes to make up for the ones you missed up to 4 times a year and you also get 4 emergency days a year. So if something happens and you can’t cancel within the 8 hours, you just need to let us know within 24 hours and we will give you a credit to book an alternative class.
I have joined, what happens next?
Once we have set up your membership, we will send you a welcome email with details regarding our online booking system Team Up and how to book your classes. You will also receive a link from the booking system to set up your username and password if you haven’t already done so, then you can access the system and book your classes. You will also be prompted to read and sign any outstanding waivers including our client agreement Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy. This Cancellation Policy also forms part of the agreement you made on the offer form.

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