Paula Gardiner
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Paula Gardiner
07496 381 480
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De-Stress Fest Workshop

De-Stress Fest Workshop with Marjorie

Saturday 1st December 2018

1.00pm – 3.00pm

Before the holiday party season, treat yourself to a day of deep rest with our Autumn/winter transitional yin yoga practice to clear some mental space, build energy, and de-stress the body.

This 2 hour yin practice will incorporate deep, restful postures, pranayama and a bit of seasonal yogic/Ayurvedic wisdom to rejuvenate the entire being through the model of what yoga calls “5 sheaths” (or pancha kosha)

Often we feel stress in our body in common areas of tension (in our annamaya kosha or physical body), or the mind feels full, buzzing or even spaced out (in our manomaya kosha, our mental body). But did you know that yoga works on deeper levels to work with our energetic body (pranamaya kosha) We’ll use yin yoga to clear out the energetic blockages that keep our mind and body running stress and pain patterns. We’ll also use the postures to intuitively connect to our own wisdom and sense of bliss (the two deepest sheaths, our widom and bliss bodies).

Looking at our being in terms of these five layers or sheaths can help to bring a deeper sense of well-being. We’ll use supported yin postures to melt away stress and tension, breathing practices to clear the energy in body and mind, and some ayurvedic cleansing to explore our deeper wisdom. Tap into BLISS and de-stress before the busiest time of year.

Please bring a warm, cosy pair of socks and a small towel (like a hand towel).

Dress in layers or bring something warm and comfortable to keep warm during this floor-based practice. Blanket provided and the practice will be in a warm room.

Non-member cost is £40 – Early Bird rate of £5 off if booked by 17th November use the code OFFER5

Member Loyalty Rate is £30 – Use discount code MEMBER10

Non members please register on our online booking system to book


Cancellation Policy:
If cancelled with 2 weeks notice or more 50% refund given
If cancelled with less than 2 weeks no refunds given